About - Author: I am a part time Indian food blogger presently residing in the US. I was never much into cooking but after my marriage, like every girl the situation made me more involved in the cooking world. It's been a year since I got married and I started to cook to make my hubby and family happy at first like every married women. But since then I have enjoyed cooking much more by not looking at cooking as a job but a fun, exciting hobby. I have been trying out new recipes, but some were not as successful as I hoped it would be and the others were just perfect.

I always wanted to share my thoughts, ideas about cooking and what I learned from my mom with others but I never had a platform to do so. After much deliberation I thought of blogging, to share with everyone everything I have learned. This is my passion. What I have learned is that without a goal or a passion, we cannot push forward in life. Well I have taken my first step and will keep continuing to share my cooking. I am learning new recipes, tips, ideas, health benefits each and every day. There are so many recipes out there and I cannot wait to cook them and share it with you all.

If you feel any of my recipes posted here at AmmasKitchenDaily.com is not how it is supposed to be, then please feel free to let me know in the appropriate post's comment.

Do you have a recipe that you want me to blog about or have any doubts or questions? 
Contact me or leave a comment in the posts. I will make sure that your requested recipe will be posted on my very next blog.

IMAGES: When we started this blog, the images we posted for the earlier posts did not have better quality. We will be making changes to those pictures in the near future. Pictures speaks a thousand word and we intend to make sure it is loud and clear.

AD / AFFILIATES: We have placed Google Ad's and Amazon Ad's in this blog. Our goal is to follow each of the company guide lines as stated in the respective policies.

PRIVACY: This is a personal food blog mainly created to share my experiences in the kitchen through my trial and errors. I have made sure all the posted recipes have been tasted and approved by me and my family. This blog is not responsible for the accuracy and outcome of trying my recipes. We do use other blogs only for references and not for copying their content.
PLEASE DO NOT COPY OR REDISTRIBUTE OUR CONTENT AND IMAGES WITHOUT THE AUTHOR'S PERMISSION. This blog's content and image took a lot of hard work and time. Thank you for understanding.

Hope you all enjoy this blog and don't forget to keep coming back for more recipes.

Thanks again for being here with me,

Your AmmasKitchenDaily Blogger

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